Jack began teaching at just 15 when he was invited to deliver a series of
weekend workshops at TLMS exploring “modern electric guitar technique” by Kevin Keating, a teacher, mentor and a friend Jack made whilst studying at The Brit School. Jack continued to teach a long side his studies at Brit and ultimately I.C.M.P, as a private and visiting tutor around London as well as remaining a part time member of the TLMS family ultimately going on to become our head of guitar.

As well as teaching, Jack is very active as a gigging musician touring around the UK, in particular the Summer festival circuit, and more recently greater Europe with several originals acts.

  • Fjokra – An eccentric genre swapping synth pop act with Jack acting as lead guitar, backing vocals and percussion from 2017 and ongoing. Currently in the process of working on their debut album, their most recent single “Sugarface” was released in 2018.
  • Annie Bea – An alternative Jazzy Blues act, with a penchant for improvisation, in which Jack regularly swaps between Bass and Lead Guitar. Their most recent single “Station” was released in October of 2020.
  • Sad Clown – An alternative genre swap project with Jack acting as musical director, lead vocals and lead guitar. As well as a prolific release schedule the band is very active visually with several video series already released with more planned. Their first E.P “A Better Way Of Living” was originally conceived as a visual project with narrative driven music videos remaining a mainstay of the band to this day. All videos were also produced, directed and edited by Jack. Currently in the process of recording/releasing a series of E.Ps exploring different genres such as Country, Blues, Jazz and Prog.

Along side this Jack works regularly as part of several songwriting and production teams with recent songs being played on ITV, BBC and Channel Four.