LMS is now offering one-to-one lessons separate from our courses – quick and easy, simply follow the steps below to book your lesson! 


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Audio Engineering One-To-One Lesson Microphones & Microphone Placement £35
Bass One-To-One Lesson £35
Audio Engineering One-To-One Lesson Dynamic Processors & Effects £35
Harmony & Theory One-To-One Lesson Contemporary or Classical Theory £35
Audio Engineering One-To-One Lesson Mixing £35
Audio Engineering One-To-One Lesson Basic ProTools & Editing £35
Songwriting One-To-One Lesson Music & Lyrics £35
Vocal One-To-One Lesson £35


Total Price

NB. All lessons will take place in the school’s premises in Hackney Central. Directions can be found in the top menu under Contact Us / How To Apply.