LMS Diploma Course

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Intense 2 Days A Week Course

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Part Time Evening Course

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Audio Production & Sound Engineering Summer Course

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Audio Production – Sound Design

As the 21st century settles in and music technology becomes more powerful and efficient, we are leaning towards an age of audio technology and production and use of Midi Software in the music industry. This means that it is not only musicians who are seeking an education and a career within the industry, but also those people who are interested in music. They are finding that this new technical age provides them with the opportunity to use their creativity in an industry that was formally dominated by artists and performers.

London Music School’s Audio Production and Sound Engineering Courses are not taught in a classroom but in fully working professional recording setups . We use the Latest Pro Tools 10 HDX Systems along with analogue systems and a full working live room with full back-line. Because our audio courses are based within a music school, there is always an abundance of musicians from the school waiting to record.

Nationally Recognised Courses

We run a variety of audio courses from our one year BTEC National Award in Music Production, to our own LMS Audio Production and Sound Engineering Full Time Course. We also offer a variety of part-time courses, and an intensive two-week Summer Course. Our full time courses begin every year in April and October, with new part time courses starting each January, April, July and October. Enrolment is now open for our full time Diploma Courses commencing in April and October 2022. All of our courses are unique and flexible, placing emphasis on what each individual student needs in order to develop their technical ability and practical experience as a engineer. Our courses are practically oriented and among the most intensive in the country.

Our two senior tutors, one of whom is Martin Keating, famous sound engineer and owner of the London Music School, have over 60 years of recording experience between them. Our teachers are not just academics, but professional sound engineers with experience in making great music. We aim to enable students to leave the LMS as highly skilled and qualified technicians. Our course curriculums are designed and taught by professional music engineers who understand what is required for success in the recording industry.

The Right Course for You

Our audio technology and sound engineering courses are designed for anyone who has a genuine interest in music and who has a basic understanding of computer technology. The student may be an aspiring studio engineer, a musician, a future producer requiring a greater understanding of the latest software, or a musician who would like to learn song-writing and how to produce and record professionally, or even set up their own home studio. It may be that you simply find the subject interesting. Whatever your reason for joining the course, the school will ensure that you work towards your individual goal, at a pace that is right for you.