The London Music School…

…is one of the UK’s finest contemporary music schools and is among the best in Europe. A long established contemporary music school in London, we have been at the forefront of musical performance, music production and audio technology education, offering cutting edge instrument, vocal, sound engineering and audio technology courses for over 20 years.

With the collaboration and sponsorship of Edexcel, Btec and Avid Audio, we are able to offer music education unrivalled in the UK and Europe. Our premises in the heart of East London situates us in one of the most creative and vibrant areas of the capital and makes us the most central of all London-based music schools.

Why Choose LMS?

One-To-One Tuition

We offer all of our full-time students a private lesson each week, meaning that we offer an exceptionally high number of one-to-one teaching hours.

Professional Recording Studio

Our full-time students have access to our recording facilities at no extra cost.

After Hours Access

The school offer after hours access to all of our rehearsal and recording facilities all days of the week at no extra cost.

Small Classes

Classes are kept small to ensure each individual student is given adequate attention.

High Student-To-Teacher Ratio

The school offers a very high student-to-teacher ratio and our teachers are always happy to help students in any way they can.

Harmony & Theory Education

We believe Harmony & Theory tuition plays an essential role in the training of vocalists and musicians and offer three different levels of Harmony & Theory classes.

Performance Experience

In addition to offering two in-house performance classes a week, we also offer students the opportunity to perform live in a public venue every month.

Great Central London Location

The school is based in the heart of fashionable East London in one of the most vibrant and popular areas, Hackney. Hackney is a notably creative area and is popular with musicians, poets and artists alike.

Meet New Friends and Musical Collaborators

We are a small private school with a friendly and personal approach and therefore the school makes the perfect place to meet new friends and musical collaborators.