Making London’s Music History

The London Music School is one of London’s finest contemporary music schools and one of the best-known schools of music in Europe. As one of the longest established contemporary music schools in Central London we have been at the forefront of music performance and audio technology education, offering cutting edge instrument, vocal, sound engineering and audio technology courses for over 20 years. With the collaboration and sponsorship of Edexcel, Btec and Avid Audio, we are able to offer music education unrivalled in the UK and Europe.

The London Music School was founded in 1984, originally as MI London, a former sister school to The Musicians Institute Los Angeles and arguably the best modern music school in the world. Our premises in the heart of East London situate us in one of the most creative and vibrant areas of the capital and make us one of the most central of all London-based music schools.

At the London Music School we believe that great music is the product of a dynamic marriage between innovative technology and our musical knowledge and experience. We welcome everyone, from songwriters and musicians to sound engineers, performers and producers. [learn_more caption=”More about the London Music School”]

Our courses cater both for musicians who seek a professional career in the industry and for those people who just love music and want to have fun. For those of you who want to build and maintain a successful career in today’s music industry, we aim to equip you with a broad and practical understanding of contemporary music and its composition, performance, and production. In this technological age our access to technology and control over our own creativity can give many people the opportunity to develop their talents. Our instrument, vocal and music technology courses are designed for anyone with a genuine interest in music, a desire to improve, and an interest in live performance and recording. Unlike many other music schools LMS courses in vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, percussion and sax place an emphasis on modern technique. Students cover fundamentals such as reading, technique and performance, but are also given a progressive education in song writing, lyric writing, recording and arranging. Students are encouraged to apply a range of technical and creative skills within the performance context and across new technologies. We stress the huge range of skills that an education in contemporary music should provide. Our aim is to increase our student’s creative, technical and theoretical knowledge, while supporting them in developing an original body of work. For our instrumental and vocal students we are fundamentally a performance school, our students spend almost all their time at the school playing or singing. London Music School courses are unique as they combine the art of singing or playing with the opportunity to learn about studio recording and basic arranging in a way that is tailored to student’s individual needs. LMS offers all the latest computer software and hardware for writing, recording and editing music. We have two Pro-Tools recording studios . Our teachers have years of professional experience, and have collectively worked with Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, Oasis, Steve Howe, Joss Stone, Portishead, Morcheba, Tori Amos, Prodigy, Marty Pello, Kiki Dee, Dave Stewart, Kylie Minogue, Eric Clapton, Sam & Dave, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Buena Vista Social Club, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Gary Moore, Andrew Lloyd Webber and The London Symphony Orchestra, and many more!