Murillo Sguillaro is an Audio Technology and Sound Engineering Teacher at the London Music School and London Audio School.  Murillo is one of our main teachers and sound engineers and has over ten years experience as a sound engineer and producer.  Murillo originally trained in Brazil, working as an engineer in Estudio VIBE and 5150 Studios,… Read More

Pete Grogan is Head of Saxophone at the London Music School. Pete is one of the UK’s top sax teachers and has worked all over the UK producing some of the country’s most talented players. Pete began playing sax in school and following his initial musical education studied Jazz at Middlesex University. He has built… Read More

Randolph Matthews is an experienced teacher and brilliant vocal performer specialising in diverse contemporary styles. In his own work Randolph is particularly influenced by the great music of Richie Havens, Seal and Bobby McFerrin. Randolph fell in love with music at a young age and left a telecommunications career at the age of 21 to… Read More